Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NAME:Datuk Hajah Sharifah Mordiah Tuanku HJ Fauzi

ADDRESS:93, Lorong Diplomatik 1,Jalan Stadium,93050 Kuching Sarawak.

DATE OF BIRTH:2nd March 1948




HUSBAND NAME :Tuan Haji Sayeed Aman Ghazali Bin Haji Sayeed Junaidi

OCCUPATION :Pensioner (Former Senior Assistant Director of Post, Sarawak )

1. Sharifah Rehanah
-Assistant Administrative Officer
-Married with 3 children

2. Sharifah Hasidah
-Married with 3 children

3. Sharifah Rodziah
- Accountant
- Married with 1 children

4. Sharifah Azizah
- Director
- Single

5. Sharifah Noraini
- 3rd Year Student In Information System
- Single

FATHER:Tuanku Haji Fauzi Bin Tuanku Haji Othman An Imam and Religious educated in 1956 till his death in 1975

MOTHER:Hajah Sharifah Hasidah Bt Tuanku Haji Manshor. A former teacher and was involved in the protest Rajah Rule to British Colony. She was 338 teacher & civil in 1946.

CURRENT POLITICAL PORTFOLIO:Chairman Party Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu Sarawak (Women Wing ) since 1987
Assistant Minister of Social Development & Urbanisation, Sarawak

Involved in Politics since 1963 till now

Members of Council Negeri – 1979-1981

Political Secretary- 1981-1987

Chairman of Women Wing Party PBB 1987 & appointed as Assistant Minister from the same year beside that she was appointed Vice President of Party Sarawak

Uncontested in general election for 3 terms

Achievement- Maintain teacher of Women in Politic since 1987


- Chairman of Pemadam Negeri
- Vice President of National Pemadam 1988
- Vice Chairman of Perkim Kebangsaan and Sarawak
- Chairman of Majlis Pembangunan Wanita & Keluarga
- Chairman of Pergerakan Putri Islam Sarawak
- Chairman of Koperasi Wanita Sarawak
- Chairman of Majlis Kanak-kanak Sarawak
- Chairman of Barisan Nasional Sarawak
- Ajk Barisan Nasional Sarawak
- Awarded Johan Bintang Sarawak
- Awarded PGBK which carries the title of Datuk 1992


(i) Leadership Quality
(ii) Helpful and Approachable to all
(iii) Grassroot Leader
(iv) A profound religious and family background
(v) Stick to my Principal and strong commitment to my duty, family, religious and society as a whole
(vi) Faithful and dedicated to political party and leader
(vii) Open-minded
(viii) Statisfied


1. To have an improve and balanced development in terms of infrastructure and the society.

2. Achievement since September 2001

3. Major obstacle

4. My plans are:

- To bring in more business and to assist those who want to venture into business with the training, infrastructure, loan facilities etc.

- To ensure basic facilities are available in all the rural areas in my constituency

- Education facilities are upgraded and accessible to all. Providing the avenue for assistance to ensure children education will not be compromised due to financial constraint

- For the women, particularly the single mothers there are activities (e.g. training, forum, seminars and to boost their income being conducted in collaboration with NGOs and other government agencies. Financial aid also in term if machine and equipment in assisting them to start a small business on their own.

5. I have other future plans for the people in my constituency. I have been a Wakil Rakyat for 15 years and I have proven track record.

6. The effect the rapid development of ICT and globalization are indeed huge and this has to be addressed with high priority. Again education plays a vital role.Facilities in term of infrastructure and resource need to be made available. I have been working closely with government agencies and will continue to do so to ensure that the facilities are made available in my constituency.

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